Alex Morgado, Principal/Creative Director, of Morgado Design LLC has over 20 years experience and has held a colorful assortment of positions at several marketing/ad agencies and public relations firms where he enjoyed working with a wide range of clients, large and small, local, national and international. 

A proud Cuban-American and a Queens, NYC native, Morgado attended The High School of Art Design in Manhattan, graduated from The Art Institute of Houston and ultimately traded midtown for mountains and settled in West Virginia.

Launched in 2010, Morgado Design LLC is an award-winning, solutions-driven, marketing and visual communications firm leveraging the power of ideas to create dialogue and connectivity between organizations and people. We believe great creative is a product of passion, understanding and collaboration –good, strong coffee never hurts either.

We're more than just wildly passionate about the craft. We’re client advocates, creative addicts, brand ambassadors and trusted friends who have built a reputation for going the extra mile helping clients get noticed through distinct marketing solutions. Good creative talks to your audience –great creative gets them talking. 


We believe targets belong on the range. And before we help you create the ultimate consumer experience, we remind ourselves who we're speaking to –living, breathing people. People with hopes, dreams and very often, dilemmas.

Morgado Design's business concept is based on the spirit of collaboration which is core to true and successful design-driven marketing. This means our clients, along with our partners, are part of the creative process from beginning to end.

Simply put, Morgado Design is a solopreneurship in the technical sense of the word –but we fly anything but "solo." Everyday, we harness the power of partnerships by connecting one-on-one with many experts within our vast and dynamic talent network. From TV production and programming, to professional copywriting and PR, you have options, often in the form of other consultants with expertise in specific industries. 

If you think our firm would make a good fit for your business, or if you have questions, give us a call or drop us a message, and let's share coffee.