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Addressing the serious problem of shaken baby syndrome in West Virginia, this multi-faceted award-winning media campaign designed for young dads, conveys a simple but honest message -when a baby won't stop crying, make sure everything is OK and take a break. The "KEEP YOUR COOL" campaign is produced with our partners at TEAM for West Virginia Children / Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia.



Utilizing a variety of media from radio, TV and web, Morgado Design worked with client the  partners to develop honest, straightforward, peer-to-peer creative that reminds young dads they're not alone –while reinforcing the main message: KEEP YOUR COOL. 


Tens of thousands of posters, brochures and digital media have been delivered to hospitals and social outreach centers statewide. Our original TV and radio spots have been picked up by organizations in other states including Maine and Oklahoma, where they have also been translated in Spanish.Social media has been instrumental in outreach efforts as well.

Revised 2016

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